Lighthouse Industries has been a reliable business partner for fifteen years, not only servicing our molding requirements but processing a variety of packaging configurations.

Debbie Barker

  • Lighthouse Industries and their President Todd Holloway have been a lifesaver to St. Andrews Products. We are in the very competitive golf industry and one of our main products was previously being provided by a vendor who decided to compete with their distributors.

    Skip Strzelecki

  • Lighthouse Industries was the only company we considered that could provide us with the complete tooling and molding for the manufacture of the Orange Peel Type MCG motor coupling guard. Their background in the plastics industries needs.

    Ron Doll

  • My primary reason for working with Lighthouse Industries is their quality of products and speed of service. They are a great local supplier. Very responsive to our needs. I’ve recommended Lighthouse Industries to others.

    Michael Whiteside

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