In-House Tooling/Fabrication

Prototype through class 101 production tooling

High quality mold making and fast track performance requires a coordination of talented people, advanced technology, and partnerships to meet rigorous customer schedules.

Our first step is an engineering review. Prior to quotation or order acceptance, we confirm the proposed products will be manufactured to customer requirements within specified delivery constraints, using tools such as DFMs and mold flow analysis.

Our engineers review even the finest of details

The engineering review comprehensively covers every detail, including product design, performance requirements, tolerancing compliance, special equipment requirements, tooling needs, program timing, training requirements, and special packaging requirements.

Tooling for automotive, medical or military applications

We have decades of experience in making high quality molds for automotive, medical, and military applications. We are U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) registered and capable of handling ITAR applications. Our engineering and design support ensures you get the best possible mold at the most competitive price.

All production molds come with a minimum of 250K to 1MM shot warranty that is backed and supported by one of our in-house tooling departments. Our tooling capabilities support molded parts ranging from 20 to over 2,500 tons.

Industry certifications speak to our capabilities

• ISO 9001 Certified • Horizontal Injection Molding from 40- to 1500 ton Clamp Capacity • Precision and Repeatability to Achieve Critical Dimensional Requirements

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