East Coast Plastics' PVC Pipe Fittings are Available

East Coast Plastics is now Lighthouse Industries

Lighthouse Industries joined forces with East Coast Plastics in 2007.

The East Coast Plastics facility, as Lighthouse, continues to provide all the services you’ve known them for the past 35 years from product development for test marketing to quality speed-to-market production runs. With the same focused team approach to manufacturing and the willingness to invest in the equipment necessary to meet the customer’s needs–dedicated to giving customers the most important service of all—your complete satisfaction.

The Roll Control System

East Coast Plastics line of boating products is available at the Roll Control System Web pages. Online ordering coming soon! The Roll Control System, developed by East Coast Plastics, is the complete accessory system for diving, fishing and boating.

PVC Pipe Fittings

In addition, we continue to offer a huge inventory of the finest quality PVC pipe fittings at competitive prices. These furniture-grade fittings are perfect for casual furniture, sporting equipment and industrial use. Available in White (W) and Bone (B).

For more information or to order, call toll-free 1-800-829-6870 or FAX the completed order form below to 1-772-429-1662. Email: ecporders@lighthouseindustries.com

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